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United Nations: Decade of Action

Ten years to transform our world


The Sustainable Development Goals — our shared vision to end poverty, rescue the planet and build a peaceful world — are gaining global momentum.


With just 10 years to go, an ambitious global effort is underway to deliver the 2030 promise—by mobilizing more governments, civil society, businesses and calling on all people to make the Global Goals their own.

September 24, 2020 Book presentation G40 Smart Cities

On Thursday 24 September, Wim Willems, Alderman of the Municipality of Apeldoorn, presented the advisory report on behalf of the G40 theme group Smart Cities to Paul Depla, mayor of Breda and chairman of the G40 City Network.


More cooperation between cities, solutions upscaling faster and a joint investment agenda with the government and the province. These are the main conclusions from the survey among 40 major cities into smart applications and digital techniques that they apply to achieve the government objectives in the field of housing, climate, mobility and energy transition.

Will The Netherlands meet the SDG-Goals

May 20, 2020:Minister of Finance reports on behalf of the Cabinet about the policy and finances of the past year.


At the same time, Statistics Netherlands published the Monitor Brede Welvaart and SDGs 2020 and  the fourth National SDG report With moderator: Harm Edens and 

Minister Kaag (Minister of Foreign Trade)

Utrecht Region Get Connected Annual Congress 10 October 2019


During the Utrecht Region "Get Connected annual congress" at Galgenwaard

Stadion the Utrecht Region organizes fifty sessions in festival style with partners between 12.30 pm and 4 pm. In the sessions (regional) developments are discussed within the themes smart and healthy cities and villages, circular economy, human capital agenda, internationalization, financing and the tasks of Health Hub Utrecht. You can be inspired in five 'squares' in the form of sessions, discussion tables or on the exhibition floor. The five squares are:

  • Future City Square
  • Green Square
  • Talent Square
  • Health Hub Utrecht Square
  • International Square

At the Future City Square Arjan Bosker (vice secretary Municipality Krimpen aan den IJssel) and  Olaf Müller (United Smart Cities UN Program)  will present the tooling of Benchmark how to focus and compare the transition to a Sustainable en Smarter Environment

True-Kare launch of Care Watch Pro Wearable for Elderly & Vulnerable

Assisted Care Wearable which combines SOS and GPS functionalities for the elderly and the vulnerable


True-Kare is excited to announce the launch of Care Watch Pro, a wearable, which combines SOS and GPS functionalities, that will help the elderly, lone workers & the vulnerable individuals to live independent with a 24/7 peace of mind. By pressing the SOS this device will connect the user to a care line or alternatively to their Next of Kin and provide the respective location. Features such as Geo-Fencing, Health sensors & built-in GPS / LBS are also included.

True-Kare believes that the Care Watch Pro, Equipped with the latest Digital Care Technologies, will innovate the care industry through a simple, and yet discreet device. The device also comes with a roaming SIM which covers 28 EU-countries and a fully monitored service which enables users to be only one click away from complete protection. More information is available at

CLASS: Developing technology for smart cities and connected cars

This video shows how smart communication between vehicles and cities is about to take a big step forward. The European project CLASS is making this a reality by converging and evolving high performance computing, low power embedded and big data analytics computing technologies into a unified software architecture, capable of efficiently coordinating and distributing computation resources along the compute continuum, from edge to cloud. More information:

CBS Monitor of Well-being

The figure on economic growth does not say everything about how we are in the Netherlands. That is why Statistics Netherlands has developed the Broad Prosperity Monitor at the request of the Second Chamber. Statistics Netherlands researcher Jan Pieter Smits explains what we can say about prosperity in the Netherlands now, later and elsewhere in the world

Climate impact in Financial Industry

The Dutch Banking Association (NVB) organised a conference about the climate impact in the financial industry. It has impact in all Industries.  

Working with sensors to measure health

Sensors have become an essential tool of everyday life. Think for example about the blood pressure monitor inside a smartwatch or the step counter on a smartphone. Sensors are accurate, which is why Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is exploring various ways to implement them – e.g. as a substitute for survey questionnaires. A number of experiments to this end were conducted at the second Sensor Data Challenge event in January 2019. The event was co-hosted by Statistics Netherlands, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Utrecht University.

(source CBS  Author: Miriam van der Sangen)

Mobile World Congres now named MWC

25-28 February MWC19 was hosted in Barcelona again and showed all new mobile building blocks for a Smart Society. The Dutch were present at the Orange Dutch Pavilion. Click on the photo for an impression of the 2018 booth. (source Dutch IT-Channel / Executive-people)

Quick conversion from Waste to Drinkable water (Dutch)

Samilla Sanitation Hubs converts urine quickly into clean drinking water and fertilizer. This Dutch invention is now continuing and with this hub it also converts black water into raw materials. A Perfect solution to contibute to the UN SDG 2 and 6. 

Municipality Vijfheerenlanden meets challenge of digitization and robotisation

January 4, 2019:

Mayor Jan Pieter Lokker of the brand new Municipality Vijfheerenlanden explains his challenge of the consequences of digitazation and robotisation for his residents in his maiden New Years Speech.

15 - 17 November, 2021       Barcelona

Living Lab Scheveningen winner at Smartcity Expo World Congres 2021

The LivingLab Scheveningen project is the winner of the international World Smart City Award. This prize is awarded every year to cities that make the world more livable and sustainable and this time it was awarded in Barcelona during the Smart City Expo World Congress.

January 21, 2020  SDG11 & FM

In the sixth episode of 'Be sustainable!', Host Wim Oolbekkink (SDG House Utrechtse Heuvelrug) will discuss this with three renowned speakers: Gerben van Straaten (Director of Walas Concepts and author of Earth Charter Cities Manifest), Olaf Müller - United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities program and Rinus Vader (Leading Professional Energy Transition at Royal HaskoningDHV).

SDG in action App  (by UN)

SDGs in Action app

Learn about the 17 SDGs, get news on your favourite goals, find out  what you can do to achieve them, create your own events and invite others to join you in sustainable actions and events.


download for:   IOS   or  Android

Charging infrastructure in the real estate

It is fantastic that more and more initiatives around sustainability are being developed to make the world more livable, sustainable and safer. Much has been achieved since all 193 UN member states embraced the seventeen sustainable development goals in 2015. Each member is determined to achieve the 2030 goals.


In the meantime, many initiatives and programs have been set up to achieve the goals. An example of this is the United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) program of the UN. In episode eleven of the episode series "Do Sustainable", ambassador Olaf Muller explained how this program helps cities and municipalities to achieve these goals on the basis of practical examples.


The regional energy transition, the new way of working and digitization have been brought together since the corona crisis. Stimulated cooperation has developed between the public and private sectors. Where previously the discussion "electric charging at the office or at home" took place, the new "vehicle to the Grid" principle is a solution. New electric cars create an opportunity to get more involved in the energy supply of your home and office with a vehicle.


During the largest online real estate event in the Netherlands Real Estate building Future Proof, a number of experts discussed the theme of "involving charging infrastructure in real estate and everything that comes with it, such as unauthorized digital access" in a round table discussion.

November 17, 2020 Launch SDG House Network

The establishment of the SDG House Network gives concrete substance to SDG 17 - Partnership for the Goals - in which the United Nations calls for cooperation on the goals.


This is exactly what the SDG House Network aims for: to inspire and activate companies, knowledge institutions, governments and citizens to accelerate the achievement of the sustainable goals in the Netherlands, by sharing knowledge and combining innovative power.


The nine initiators of the SDG House Network are organizations and business locations that are themselves sustainable "hotspots" at a local level that promote collaboration, knowledge exchange and entrepreneurship for sustainable development. With the network, the initiators aim to increase the scale and impact of their activities. The SDG House Network has the ambition to grow into an international network of locations, in which we work closely with SDG Netherlands.


Walk the talk

Immediately after launch, the SDG House Network will start working on projects that directly contribute to the realization of the SDGs. One of these is a trainee program to introduce 500 young people and to gain experience in sustainable entrepreneurship and to train them to become SDG professionals. Another initiative in which SDG House Network will collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce is KvK Business Challenge, an online innovation platform that brings large companies into contact with SMEs to develop innovative new business together.


Virtual Reality

VRiend is a VR application to bring hospitalized people back in contact with their beloved ones outside the hospital!


VRiend uses a closed secure end-to-end ecosystem exist of a custom-built VR camera and a bespoke low latency streaming platform.


You can choose to use your own wifi network or to use the built in 4G modem where VRiend camera allows you to use the camera wherever there is 4G or wifi coverage!

Local residents in De Kiel put lampposts in their own garden (because the province took them away)

When the province removed lampposts between De Kiel and Schoonoord, dissatisfied local residents took action: if the province does not want to do it, they will do it themselves. And so they took on the public street lighting themselves.


Incidentally, with community money: what the province takes away, the other government (Coevorden) finances again. The last lampposts have now been placed.


(source Dagblad van het Noorden)

Smartcity World Expo 2020 Cancelled

Mobile World Congress Barcelona, planned on February 22-24, attracts more than 100,000 visitors each year has been cancelled due to the break out of the corona virus.


This virus brake out on December 2019 in the Wuhan region of China, has now also emerged outside of it.  Telco manufacturers have withdrawn their participation in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to ensure the safety of their employees and the public. 


Despite all the precautionary measures taken by the GSMA, CEO John Hoffman states in his statement that the outbreak of the virus has made it "impossible" to hold the event.

10 October 2019: Google offers tool for cities to measure emissions

Above: Range of data showed  of Birmingham

A tool Google offered in the US to help cities measure pollution and emissions levels is now available in Europe.


It compiles transport and building data from Google Maps with publicly available information about emissions


Google will initially offer the tool to Birmingham, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Coventry, Dublin and Copenhagen.


It plans to add more cities on other continents in coming weeks and any city can to nominate itself via an online form.


The Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) offers data in four categories:


building emissions

transport emissions

general emissions

solar potential



Tree saving sensoring at Maastricht (NL)

Of the thousands lime trees on top of Maastricht A2 tunnel, none have died yet during the latest dry period. This is because sensors constantly monitor the growth and flowering of the trees.


Three sensors are located at the roots of the trees and measure three things: minerals, oxygen and moisture content. On the computer you can see whether action must be taken. Last year the trees were watered 22 times: each linden tree received an average of 200 to 300 liters. This year too, with its long, hot and dry summer, watering was much more frequent than expected.


source: 1Limburg, September 15 2019

Amsterdam Business Awards and United Smart Cities

This year was a more important criterion of the Amsterdam Business Awards sustainability. In addition to the performance of the Earth Anthem at the gala, a film was also made especially for the Awards with Secretary General OiER (UN part) and director of United Smart Cities, USC, Kari Aina Eik.

The vision of United Smart Cities is to encourage innovative collaborations and to work with local / regional governments, industry, financial institutions and the United Nations to build influential, transformational and scalable solutions for cities. Towards a livable and sustainable metropolitan region of Amsterdam. For more information regarding Edwin Bijl projects: or Olaf Müller:

Gamechanger for cities to understand data, implications and solutions

Geneva & New York: Offshore Simulator Centre AS showed simulation to UN and 10 members of the World Bank:  Using simulation to understand big data is child's play... 

Healthy drinking water & environment

In general the quality of the water supply network in the Netherlands meets the qualified standards, but is it healthy enough for use of the recommended 2 liters per person per day?


Marcel Luijendijk of Tradeline explains how to improve the quality standard, how vitalize and to filter inclusions like medicine remains. Looking at the SDG's he shows  how everyone can attribute in reducing waste of plastic disposable bottles.  

Roeselare & Antwerp (B): Award winners

A 'smart city' is not a label or goal in itself, but it is of course very nice to receive recognition for a beautiful, innovative project in the municipality. Every year Agoria, the Belgium federation of the technology industry, presents its Smart City Awards. With these awards people want to put cities and municipalities in the spotlight that use innovative technological solutions.

Roeselare is "Smartest City" this year thanks to the project "Increasing road safety through machine learning." Roeselare wants to increase road safety through cameras mounted on constantly driving cars: traffic signs are registered digitally, damage is reported digitally, the condition of the road is digitally reported.

The city of Antwerp won two prizes. In the Energy category, the 'Waterlink' project won, with which the city wants to replace all water meters (around 200,000) in the city with digital meters. Antwerp also won the Smart City Award for 'Smart to Antwerp', the online mobility platform with multimodal route planner.

Undiscovered Potentials - Best Practices around the Wolrd

How can cities around the world become smart and sustainable? In order to provide a valid answer, UNECE and OiER developed the global platform United Smart Cities (USC).


In 2016, UNECE initiated the worldwide initiative United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). 16 UN agencies are involved in this. Using 92 performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs, for smart sustainable cities), cities are evaluated according to their performance and their potential.


Forbes presents an exclusive list of five project cities that were examined by UNECE within the USC framework. What is striking is that the cities listed are not the ones that are typically famous worldwide, but rather are cities from developing countries, emerging markets and transition countries.

12th november 2018:

The Dutch & Smart Cities (SCEWC2018)

On Monday November 12th the business event ‘The Dutch & Smart Cities” took place.

During this business event workshops, deep-dives and roundtable discussions did focus on societal challenges and technological concepts in cities. Major John Jorritsma of the City of Eindhoven as Mission Leader and Kari Aina Eik of United Smart Cities / OiER (UN) will express the Internationa opportunities and challenges for the Dutch delegation.


More video Smart City Expo World Congress at Media on our website