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Climate impact in Financial Industry

The Dutch Banking Association (NVB) organised a conference about the climate impact in the financial industry. It has impact in all Industries.  

Working with sensors to measure health

Sensors have become an essential tool of everyday life. Think for example about the blood pressure monitor inside a smartwatch or the step counter on a smartphone. Sensors are accurate, which is why Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is exploring various ways to implement them – e.g. as a substitute for survey questionnaires. A number of experiments to this end were conducted at the second Sensor Data Challenge event in January 2019. The event was co-hosted by Statistics Netherlands, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Utrecht University.

(source CBS  Author: Miriam van der Sangen)

Mobile World Congres now named MWC

25-28 February MWC19 was hosted in Barcelona again and showed all new mobile building blocks for a Smart Society. The Dutch were present at the Orange Dutch Pavilion. Click on the photo for an impression of the 2018 booth. (source Dutch IT-Channel / Executive-people)

Quick conversion from Waste to Drinkable water (Dutch)

Samilla Sanitation Hubs converts urine quickly into clean drinking water and fertilizer. This Dutch invention is now continuing and with this hub it also converts black water into raw materials. A Perfect solution to contibute to the UN SDG 2 and 6. 

Municipality Vijfheerenlanden meets challenge of digitization and robotisation

January 4, 2019:

Mayor Jan Pieter Lokker of the brand new Municipality Vijfheerenlanden explains his challenge of the consequences of digitazation and robotisation for his residents in his maiden New Years Speech.

Roeselare & Antwerp (B): Award winners

A 'smart city' is not a label or goal in itself, but it is of course very nice to receive recognition for a beautiful, innovative project in the municipality. Every year Agoria, the Belgium federation of the technology industry, presents its Smart City Awards. With these awards people want to put cities and municipalities in the spotlight that use innovative technological solutions.

Roeselare is "Smartest City" this year thanks to the project "Increasing road safety through machine learning." Roeselare wants to increase road safety through cameras mounted on constantly driving cars: traffic signs are registered digitally, damage is reported digitally, the condition of the road is digitally reported.

The city of Antwerp won two prizes. In the Energy category, the 'Waterlink' project won, with which the city wants to replace all water meters (around 200,000) in the city with digital meters. Antwerp also won the Smart City Award for 'Smart to Antwerp', the online mobility platform with multimodal route planner.

Undiscovered Potentials - Best Practices around the Wolrd

How can cities around the world become smart and sustainable? In order to provide a valid answer, UNECE and OiER developed the global platform United Smart Cities (USC).


In 2016, UNECE initiated the worldwide initiative United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). 16 UN agencies are involved in this. Using 92 performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs, for smart sustainable cities), cities are evaluated according to their performance and their potential.


Forbes presents an exclusive list of five project cities that were examined by UNECE within the USC framework. What is striking is that the cities listed are not the ones that are typically famous worldwide, but rather are cities from developing countries, emerging markets and transition countries.

12th november 2018:

The Dutch & Smart Cities (SCEWC2018)

On Monday November 12th the business event ‘The Dutch & Smart Cities” took place.

During this business event workshops, deep-dives and roundtable discussions did focus on societal challenges and technological concepts in cities. Major John Jorritsma of the City of Eindhoven as Mission Leader and Kari Aina Eik of United Smart Cities / OiER (UN) will express the Internationa opportunities and challenges for the Dutch delegation.


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