Past Events 2020

June 16, 2020


Disruptive times call for innovative solutions ... and we offer them together with our GO! -NH participants! The province of North Holland and Innomics organize the GO! -NH Accelerator to support and accelerate sustainable SMEs and entrepreneurs. 


Why you don't want to miss this program? The afternoon is packed with good content, made possible by the entrepreneurs in our program and collaborations with our partners. The event will kick off with a keynote from none other than Kate Raworth. Raworth is the author of Donut Economics and is involved in the Amsterdam Donut Coalition. There will also be a GO! -NH On Stage section, and breakout and roundtable sessions will be held by our participants and partners.

June 8, 2020

Webinar: Exploring standardization’s contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN General Assembly, calls all countries and stakeholders to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The European Green Deal puts the SDGs at the heart of EU policy making and action.


The engagement of the standardization community is also crucial for the achievement of the goals. 



  • Europe’s environmental and sustainability ambitions, goals and strategies
  • how European standards can contribute in the overall achievement of the SDGs,
  • how to include the SDGs in standardization projects in practice, through concrete examples,
  • how you and your networks can accelerate the contribution to the SDGs through the standardization path.


May 27, 2020

Circularity: a new hype?

The circular economy - it's the latest hug theme for sustainability. Where after 30 years of sustainable development we are hardly a step further in solving the climate and biodiversity problem, the concept of the circular economy offers new hope. But doesn't that new concept hide all the same tensions and pitfalls that have existed for years, preventing us from moving forward in the transition to a sustainable world? In fact, according to the new circularity gap report, the world itself has become less circular: from 9.1 to 8.6 percent.


Arnold Tukker, professor of Industrial Ecology in Leiden, indicates where the opportunities lie, when circular design and revenue models really work, and why it would not work without an active government.


May 27, 2020

Webinar: Financing Options for Sustainable Transport Infrastructure in Cities

Climate Bonds Initiative invites you to the online discussion on financing options for sustainable transport infrastructure in cities.




- Sustainable transport financing options

- Low Carbon Transport Criteria and the Climate Bond Standard

- Case studies Green Bond finance: BTS Group in Thailand, finance for urban mobility


Moderator: Dr. Helena Wright, Vice President - Sustainable Infrastructure & Energy Finance - WWF Singapore.


May 27, 2020

SDG Meetup #17 | SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Location: Impact Hub Amsterdam



Many more people today are living healthier lives than in the past decade, but people are still suffering needlessly from preventable diseases, and too many are dying prematurely. SDG 3 is about ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages.




➜ Lindy van Vliet | SDG3 National Coordinator

➜ You! | The event will continue with an interactive process facilitated by C-Change’s Partnership Lead, Josephine Damstra. In this part of the event, we will generate insights for overcoming challenges and accelerating solutions for SDG 3.

May 26, 2020

Webinar Corona reset

Corona painfully exposes the problems of our current economy. But can this crisis also be the decisive turning point and usher in a new era, with breakthroughs towards a more sustainable and social future? If so, how then?


While we literally have nowhere to go, we yearn for more appealing new perspectives than ever.


  In this brand new webinar series, we will therefore talk to fresh new thinkers, visionaries and contemporary prophets about setting up a new era. How do we want our post-corona society to look like? What economy do we need for this, and what is the role of the government, our tax system and the financial sector? And where are the opportunities - despite all the challenges - to take the first steps in that direction? click on foto for replay webinar

May 25, 2020

Webinar Green Pepper

Green Pepper continues online! Unique and short webinars for a week between 10am and 12pm. The Green Pepper webinars are a must see for anyone who focuses on sustainability within education.


The subject of sustainability, as broad as it is, does not stop at higher education. Facility managers, IT coordinators, students, professors, basically everyone who is connected to an educational institution in secondary education can learn a lot from each other. With the NDDHO we want to facilitate this for universities, HBO and MBO. The only thing is, it's the word: higher education.


That's why it's time for something else. Sustainability is a fun, green and spirited subject.


And that includes a provocative name, so from now on NDDHO is called: GREEN PEPPER

The sustainability event for the education of the future


click on logo for more info (Dutch)

May 20, 2020

Webinar: Will the Netherlands meet the SDG Goals ?











Accountability Day. Every year on the third Wednesday of May, the Minister of Finance reports on behalf of the Cabinet about the policy and finances of the past year. At the same time, Statistics Netherlands will published the Monitor Brede Welvaart and SDGs 2020. (click on foto for replay recap)


The fourth National SDG report has also been published. These are all important pieces that tell us how we stand in the transition to a world in which economic, ecological and social values are in balance. And therefore an excellent time to start a discussion about this and also to look ahead during the corona crisis. What must be done to achieve the SDGs?


  • Moderator: Harm Edens
  • Minister Kaag (Minister of Foreign Trade)
  • Corien Wortmann (CEO ABP)
  • Louise Vet (bioloog Professor ecology)
  • Alexander Kohnstamm (executive director Fair Wear Foundation) 
  • Prof. dr. Jan-Pieter Smits (CBS)
  • Sandra Pellegrom (Nationale SDG Coördinator)
  • Maresa Oosterman (director SDG Nederland)
  • Bart Romijn (director Partos)
  • Maria van der Heijden (director MVO Nederland)
  • Eppo Bruins (Member of parliament ChristenUnie) andTjeerd de Groot (Member of parliament D66) in panel discussion

May 15 2020

Webinar open college Smart Mobility







Aafke den Hollander of Rebel will give an open lecture in which the investment timeline for traffic management assets will be discussed. The world around us is changing, including that of traffic management


Due to a growing need for mobility and a significant urbanization task, the pressure on the existing road network will increase in the coming years, as a result of which the task of effectively carrying out traffic management will also increase.

7 May 2020

In close cooperation with GSMA and attended by State Secretary Mrs. Mona Keijzer of the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy the first edition of Holland Digital House has been organized by Enterprise Summit.


Almost 800 persons worldwide had registered for this content rich event to learn more about innovation and digitization initiatives in The Netherlands.  The proven Mobile World Live platform of GSMA has been deployed for this event



14 January 2020

Round table 5G: Also Inhouse coverage?

According to a much cited statistic, about 80% of all mobile data traffic

consumed indoors. What are the expectations with regard to 5G indoor?


When 3G switched to 4G and smartphones were indispensable

changed the coverage of mobile networks

quickly from fun to a must-have for one

increasing number of managers of buildings and property.


Users expect 100% coverage. Fixed networks were replaced by mobile only. And what does this mean for 5G?

adjustments and investment required. Think about improved real-time image connection between ambulance and

hospital doctor and the upload of data by drones.


KPN shares their vision during this Round Table indoor 5G. Paul Cobben, Sector Developer Manufacturing

KPN hereby incorporates its technical knowledge with regard to manufacturing and indoor. And also shares Philadelphia Care their learnings regarding their current indoor techniques and expectations of 5G