Past Events 2020

6 February 2020

14 January 2020

Round table 5G: Also Inhouse coverage?

According to a much cited statistic, about 80% of all mobile data traffic

consumed indoors. What are the expectations with regard to 5G indoor?


When 3G switched to 4G and smartphones were indispensable

changed the coverage of mobile networks

quickly from fun to a must-have for one

increasing number of managers of buildings and property.


Users expect 100% coverage. Fixed networks were replaced by mobile only. And what does this mean for 5G?

adjustments and investment required. Think about improved real-time image connection between ambulance and

hospital doctor and the upload of data by drones.


KPN shares their vision during this Round Table indoor 5G. Paul Cobben, Sector Developer Manufacturing

KPN hereby incorporates its technical knowledge with regard to manufacturing and indoor. And also shares Philadelphia Care their learnings regarding their current indoor techniques and expectations of 5G