April 25, 2019

Tribe.Space - The Beginning

Vienna, Austria  Location: Kandigasse 19-21 Wien


Opening event of Tribe.Space Vienna. Be part of the future - be part of this event.


About this Event

After our 18 months journey - the day has finally come-

we are opening Tribe.Space - a unique co-creation

space in the heart of Vienna.


A place where leaders, scientists, creatives, coders,world leading corporates & startups unite.A place where shapers meet makers. 

May 7, 2019

Smart Flanders Program

Brussels (Belgium), Herman Teirlinck Building


The Urban Policy Team of the Flanders Government organizes a study day on how data and technology are used to substantiate and take policy decisions. With the Smart Flanders program, there is plenty of focus on (linked) open data and smart applications. The success of the Smart in the City call has contributed to its realization. The laureates of the "Smart in the City" grant will also be announced on the study day. The projects are given three years to implement and the amount available has been increased to 435,000 euros. Nine center cities and the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) in Brussels submitted a project proposal. The projects focus on four themes: mobility, citizen participation, services and culture.

May 8 - 9, 2019

Smart Mobility Summit

Lisbon, Portugal


Smart Mobility Summit is a unique event that focuses on the transformational technologies and business models that are currently revolutionising our industry. Next generation mobile technologies, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer potentially massive opportunities, but significant challenges too. Our event brings together the entire spectrum of stakeholders to not only inform and educate, but also to help drive innovation and collaboration in order that we can all reap the benefits, and avoid the pitfalls.

May 13- 15, 2019

Smart Cities New York 2019 (SCNY19)

New York City, May 13 - 15 2019 Location Pier 36.


Smart Cities New York (SCNY) is North America's leading global conference exploring the emerging influence of cities in shaping the future. Guided by the idea that Smart Cities are truly 'Powered by People', the Smart City Conference brings together thought leaders from private and public sectors, academia and NGO's to explore the political, economic, social and technological dimensions of urban life in the 21st Century.

May 14 -15, 2019

Leap into the Tech Future

Antwerp, Belgium: FutureSummits is imec’s brand-new tech experience; a series of international events hosted by imec in different countries and continents.


The edition on 14-15 May in Antwerp is a made up of three conferences and a vast interactive demo exhibition.


Each of the three conferences presents a different perspective on our tech future:


Imec Technology Forum Belgium – Groundbreaking innovations powered by nano & digital technology 

Forward Dive – Mind-blowing visions on how technology will change the society of tomorrow 

AI Flanders – Opportunities & cases to leverage Artificial Intelligence for your business

Each conference hosts a speaker line-up of renowned experts. They’re invited to share their views and insights from a tech perspective (ITF Belgium), a societal point of view (Forward Dive), or a business perspective (AI Flanders). 


The vast tech exhibition showcases more than 50 interactive demos of tech breakthroughs, research advances, applications and solutions for Smart Health, Smart Mobility, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, VR, Smart Energy and more.


May 16, 2019

Circular Economy Festival

Nijmegen, The Netherlands   location De Vasim


Are you involved with issues related to the Circular Economy within your organization? Or are you going to do more with circularity in the coming years? 


Do you want to hear how other organizations such as waste processing company ARN, Rabobank or the municipality of Nijmegen and the Province of Gelderland deal with this? Do you want to hear how they arrive at successful business models? How do they come to successful collaborations? And what their vision is for the future? Come to the Circular Economy Festival in Nijmegen The Netherlands. The festival consists of six specialization streams, which guarantees depth!

June 3 - 6, 2019


Brainport Eindhoven, The Netherlands


With its motto “Fulfilling ITS promises”, the 13th ITS Europe Congress is all about impactful, innovative technologies that make our life and mobility more enjoyable, safer and cleaner. The ITS congress takes place in Eindhoven from 3-6 June 2019 and is organized by ERTICO - ITS Europe, the European Commission and local host, the Brainport Eindhoven-Helmond region. It will showcase the latest ITS technologies adopted by the Brainport region and by the Netherlands as whole. A variety of Dutch public and private parties have joined forces in showing visitors what they mean by ‘Smart Mobility, Dutch Reality'.


The Brainport region is part of Europe’s technological backbone and enjoys global recognition as a centre for innovation and automotive solutions. This, combined with ERTICO’s mission and work on promoting and developing smart mobility services, promises an excellent programme and innovative live demos showcased on the roads between the Evoluon congress centre in Eindhoven and the Automotive Campus in Helmond as well as a in the surrounding area of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


The ITS Europe Congress will host various sessions with top mobility experts speaking about key topics in the traffic and transport industry today. It presents a unique and strategic opportunity for all mobility stakeholders to come together, exchange knowledge and join forces in making smart mobility a reality worldwide.

June 21, 2019

International Smart City Event

The Hague, The Netherlands




The 9th edition of the international Smart City Event will take place in The Hague (The Netherlands) on the 20th and 21th of June 2019.


Last year over 900 professionals from different countries and cities, came together in The Hague. This year, experts from leading cities will be on stage to present their unique projects of smart cities. During these 2 days there will be several keynote speeches, round table sessions, excursions and much more!

June 24 - 25, 2019

Unleash the Power of Mobility Data

Amsterdam, The Netherlands,


Europe is set to undergo a revolution in urban mobility.


Backed by billions in investment, this has created a lucrative mobility marketplace where data is king. Despite this hype, no long-term business model for mobility has been established. This needs to change.


Now is the time for cities, mobility service providers and automakers to tackle this together!


IMPACT>MOBILITY EUROPE the only conference to unite 200+ private and public stakeholders to confront the data monetisation, scalability and customer experience challenges that will move the ecosystem beyond pilots, towards a scalable long-term model for mobility as a service.

July 3, 2019

I Governement Congress 2019, The Netherlands

Arnhem, National Sportscenter Papendal 


The theme of the conference is mountain climbing: In the Dutch Mountains. Mountain climbing has a lot in common with the realization of iGovernment: towards the digital summit with the Netherlands Digital, NL DIGIbeter, the Dutch Cyber Security Agenda, Organizing Together, the Common Ground and the European Digital Agenda. At the iBC 2019 all plans, strategies and views come together and we investigate where we are going and how everything fits together. The art is to reach the top together. A joint preparation is key for this.Security Agenda, Organizing Together, the Common Ground and the European Digital Agenda. At the iBC 2019 all plans, strategies and views come together and we investigate where we are going and how everything fits together. The art is to reach the top together. A joint preparation is key for this.

March 20 - April 24, 2019

Dutch solutions for Smart City Challenges in the USA

In March and April 2019, historic sailing ship 'The Amsterdam' will visit Miami, Baltimore, New York and Boston. At these cities the ship will become the stage for 'Smart City Clipper Sessions'.


During these 3-hour sessions, Dutch and American high-ranking government representatives and entrepreneurs will exchange knowledge and explore how to contribute to building sustainable smart cities.


The 4 Clipper Smart City Sessions are part of a multi-year collaboration between the Netherlands and the U.S. on Smart Cities, where we exchange knowledge, innovate, do business and work together on a sustainable future. The sessions will maximize the effectiveness of the sessions since the insights will be presented at the NYSC expo in May 2019. For this reason, the organization of the NYSC expo will co-host the sessions.

April 8, 2019

Geneva, Switzerland

The Day of Cities will bring together Mayors - including Mayor Martijn Vroom of the the Dutch UNECE City Krimpen aan den IJssel-, urban managers and other key municipal practitioners for an exchange of views and knowledge sharing of good practices and successful planning strategies. In two roundtables, participants will discuss approaches on how to create smart sustainable cities, focusing on ways to improve the quality of life of people and on improving efficiency of urban operations, services and competitiveness.

The exhibition "Smart Sustainable Cities" that will be held on 8 and 9 April 2019, will complement the program of the Day of Cities and the 68th UNECE session. Member States, International Organizations, Cities and private businesses are invited to come together to showcase their work on smart, sustainable and resilient cities, present innovative concepts, effective approaches in support of the SDGs at the Municipal, National and Regional level in the framework of an information fair.

April 8, 2019

Future Cities Show Dubai

At the Dubai World Trade Centre Future Cities Show on its third edition creates an unmatched platform for stakeholders to learn, share ideas, form wider network, and secure investment partnerships within the realm of creating new cities that address social, economic, and environmental challenges through its five leading future city solutions- Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Mobility, and Sustainability.


FCS also brings the future today by highlighting the achievements and plans of its host Emirate, Dubai, with Dubai 10X Initiatives, set by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, which seeks to embrace disruptive innovation to create new operating and business models that will replace traditional services and provide multiple times the value for end users and customer. 

April 5, 2019

Smart City: boring or spectacle ?

Location: Future City Foundation | Paulus Borstraat 41, Amersfoort


Looking at the controversies of the smart city. Because we do not all agree on the technological changes that are going on and the impact they have on our cities. Do you participate?


The first controversy we tackle is the liveliness of the smart city. On Friday, April 5, the University of Twente and the Future City Foundation are organizing a seminar entitled Smart City: Boring or Spectacle? In which we are going to talk about the city that has become a seduction machine because, thanks to the internet, we are no longer obliged to come to the city to meet each other.

• Be surprised by the benefits of a boring city by Jan-Willem Wesselink.

• Learn from Michael Nagenborg (University of Twente) about philosophy of technology and urban technology.

• Learn from Michiel de Lange (Utrecht University) about (mobile) media and urban culture, game and identity.

• Join the discussion in a workshop by the University of Twente and Design Innovation Group.

March 28, 2019

Beyond Data Event

On March 28th, the 10th edition of the Beyond Data Event takes place in Eindhoven, 

The Netherlands The event covers all open data challenges that transform cities into Smart Cities.



 Last year more than 350 city data experts attended the Beyond Data Event. 

  • What are the European open data projects with the most impact on safety, mobility, sustainability, urban and social challenges?
  • What are the ethical and juridical boundaries within data projects?
  • What are successful options to cooperate between a city and the industry?  How do you get the citizens involved in data projects?
  • The changing roles of government and citizens – Who owns the data?
  • How to use a variety of applications, dashboards and other tools to deliver open data to a wide audience.
  • And many more…

March 27, 2019

SDG Meetup | SDG 16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

In the March edition of the SDG Meetup Impact Hub Amsterdam will be focused on SDG 16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions.


Peace, stability, human rights and effective governance, based on the rule of law, are essential for achieving sustainable development. That’s why SDG 16 promotes peaceful and inclusive societies, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

March 18 - 21, 2019

Successful investment is one of the most important components in the life-cycle of a project. More and more investors recognize the value and future of Smart City projects, products and technologies. Especially the Construction and Infrastructure sector is receiving a lot of attention lately from investors. Quite natural, looking at all the tasks this branch will have to serve in the future.


The Infrastructure Investor Global Summit is the world’s largest summit for interested investors and influential top-notch practitioners of the Infrastructure sector to meet. It is held at the Hilton Hotel, Berlin from March 18th-21st 2019.


In front of the 2000+ attendees Kari Aina Eik will be part of the ESG & Sustainability forum and speaks on the necessity to implement smart solutions, and further invest in sustainable development regarding the infrastructure in cities worldwide.

Global Summit Berlin

March 14, 2019

'Digital City' event in Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam

How do we keep the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area liveable with a smart city approach? How can digitalization become more human and accessible for all?


On the 14th of March, Amsterdam Smart City will explore this, together with you! On stage: the City of Amsterdam, Tada, NEMO and more.

March,14  2019

CBS Seminar Big Data Matters 2019

Location: Brightlands Smart Services Campus Heerlen Netherlands


What is happening in the area of big data innovation, both within and outside Statistics Netherlands? What opportunities does (big) data-driven work offer for national, provincial and urban policy, and what are the challenges?


After the success of the first edition of the seminar, the Statistics Netherlands Center for Big Data Statistics (CBDS) will organize the Big Data Matters seminar on the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen on Thursday 14 March 2019 for the second time. This seminar focuses primarily on the importance of data-driven working for administrators, policy makers and content experts at municipalities, national government and provinces, but also at partners of the CBDS such as knowledge institutions, universities and companies.

March 12,  2019

Future Urban Mobility: Cabellero Factory The Hague

An accessible urban environment is crucial for a healthy, dynamic and economically viable city. How do we create smart, sustainable, compact cities with optimum traffic flow where mobility is the link between living, working and leisure?


Achieving a fully sustainable mobility system in 2050 requires drastic system changes and the deployment of a large number of CO2-reducing measures. What does this mean for the current mobility system, infrastructure and real estate?

March 8 - 11, 2019

Cities, Government & Politics Summit at SXSW

Austin, Texas 


World-famous celebration of music, comedy, film and technology and now there’s a specific channel for Cities, Government & Politics. Topics for 2019 include liveable cities and the future of urban planning, civic engagement and data tracking.

February 25 -28, 2019

MWC 2019 Barcelona

MWC Barcelona (formerly Mobile World Congress) is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 leading companies, with a highly-rated conference programme assembling today’s visionaries to explore the hottest topics influencing the industry. Mobile developments are the most important building blocks of smartcities and societies..

February 7, 2019

Round Table: Issues and experiences with collecting sensor data

Location: Provinciehuis The Hague


An open invitation to engineers, project managers, advisors and policy makers from regional cities with smart and sustainable initiatives. The round table talks will cover city sensor overview, and issues with collecting and aggregating sensor data. The benefits for the smart cities is that they will learn from the past experiences of their neighbours. The benefits for Sensorgage is the learnings we expect to extract so that we can best adapt our product to smart city needs.


January 31,  2019

Conference Municipalities and BIM (Dutch)

Location: Municipality Den Bosch

with Mayor Jack Mikkers and VNG Realisatie


Digitization in the world of Constructions is accelerating. BIM (Bouw Information Model) is an application model for cooperation between Council and architects, engineers, constructors to ensure smarter and cost effective results.

January 23, 2019

BTG Event: 5G and its impact on Smart & Sustainable  Cities

New Years Event 2019 for BTG members and partners at Sociëteit De Witte in The Hague. 

  • Saskia Bruines: City of The Hague
  • Søren Albidgaard: CEO T-Mobile
  • Marijn Fraanje: CIO City of The Hague
  • Martijn Vroom: Mayor Krimpen a/d IJssel
  • Kari Aina Eik: SG United Smart Cities
  • Henk Kool: Economic Board The Hague
  • Petra Claessen: BTG
  • Dick Berlijn: former chief of defence staff

January 20-22, 2019

Bon Bini for Business Summit Curaçao with PM Rutte

Location: Willemstad Curaçao


During the Business Summit, Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and Prime Minister Rhuggenaath of Curaçao will speak with Curaçao and Dutch representatives from politics, business and knowledge institutions. They address the Curaçao business climate, trends, developments and concrete opportunities for doing business.

January 10, 2019

Enterpreneur College: edition SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Location: De Tropen café-restaurant


The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, together with Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) hosts Entrepreneurship College – SDG edition. This monthly series of lectures discusses the ins and outs of each Sustainable Development Goal from an academic point of view, and discusses how innovation and entrepreneurship can contribute to reaching the goals. Willem van Winden gives an introduction to SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities. How can we reach the 2030 agenda of the UN? He will demonstrate this with clear local and international cases before going in to the question: how does entrepreneurship and innovation contribute to these developments?


November 12, 2018

Business Event Barcelona

A Dutch delegation of companies, knowledge institutes and governments is visiting

the event as part of a Smart City mission 

November 13 - 15, 2018

Smart City Expo World Congres

The world's lagest meeting place within the Smart City market. This Congres brings together 600 exhibitors and over 18 000 participants from businesses and cities