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October 28, 2021                                                live event

Smart City

On Thursday 28 October 2021 it's time: our theme event Smart City! It promises to be a special evening. Especially because we can -finally- once again be guests of one of our company members, namely at T-Mobile in Utrecht. We dive into questions like: what about the promise of Smart City? How do the networks and equipment in the outdoor area interact with people in the city? What are the expected changes in the connected smart outdoor space? For example, how can we better share infrastructure? Who is in control and who benefits from smart outdoor space solutions. We also gain insight into a number of concrete examples of what the future looks like in a smart city. Finally, a vision of the sense and nonsense of Smart City.


Three speakers take us into the wonderful world of Smart City, namely Heimen Visser (PrimeVest and fund manager of SmartCity Netherlands), Ronald Maandonks (Head of partnerships, Signify Innovation Philips Lighting) and T-Mobile.

November 16 - 18, 2021   live event Barcelona

Smart City World Congres Barcelona



The lessons learned from last year will contribute to creating an enhanced hybrid, cross-platform experience: a combined physical event of Smart City Expo World Congress and Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, with the digital platform of Smart City Live offering endless opportunities.