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April 15, 2021    (08:30 - 10:00 CET - Online)

Practical lecture Data from vehicles

Platform WOW and the Smart Mobility Academy invite you on April 15 at 8.30 am to the practical lecture Data from vehicles. We will discuss the developments regarding vehicle data, both in the field of road safety and traffic management and in the field of anti-icing and asset management.


This session is part of a series of interactive practical lectures on Smart Mobility.

  • For whom: road authorities
  • Purpose: to share experiences and tips with road authorities who want to work with data from vehicles

April 15, 2021     (15:00 - 17:00 CET - Online)

Finance: From the Root of All Evil to Financing Development

Achieving the SDGs requires good governance, political will and… money, a lot of money. In his book Fighting Poverty and Violence (Boom Uitgevers), Professor Joris Voorhoeve explains which sources can be tapped. Visitors to the last # SDGCafé of 2020 were already given a preview of the results.


In this first part of the # SDGCafés of 2021, we will focus on how much money is needed to achieve the SDGs in their most basic form, on the failure of the political, economic and financial systems to bring that money together and judiciously and on the various possibilities to obtain sufficient resources. Illegal money flows and the role of the Netherlands and the EU, and the possible contribution of various Dutch and European actors are central to this.

June 1, 2021    (online)


Dutch Mobility is changing radically. As a result of the energy transition, more and more vehicles are being electrified (EVs). The government has set itself the goal of having 2 million EVs on Dutch roads by 2030. This ambition translates into an important infrastructure issue. Charging these vehicles costs a lot of electricity, the current network is not designed for this.


With a hugh number of initiatives, charging points are being installed, networks are being partly adapted. However, an overarching "Delta Plan" appears to be lacking. It is also not clear who is in the lead and  bears what responsibility for this issue. Central government as client? The County as administrator? Or the municipality as contact for citizens and businesses? During the Charging Infrastructure Congress ’21 on 1 June, we will discuss these and other questions with all parties involved.

June 28 - Juli 1, 2021              Hybrid Event Barcelona Spain

MWC & 4YFN 2021:    Connected Impact

The Dutch high-tech and communications sector ranks amongst the top globally and is a

major force in development of new technologies and applications with implications for the

communications sector. The challenge for The Netherlands is to preserve its leading position

in the area of digital infrastructure, broadband communications and sectoral applications.


MWC and SDG's:  Referring to the title "Connected Impact" MWC/4YFN will not only highlights the cutting edge technologies, but also how it helps in reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) as defined by the United Nations.


MWC Barcelona 2021 is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest

innovations and leading-edge technology with a highly-rated conference and exhibition

assembling today’s visionaries to explore the hottest topics influencing the industry. These

form the engine of a sustainable economy and societal relevance which is exactly why MWC

Barcelona 2021/22/23 is currently considered as a strategic ICT event for The Netherlands.


Enterprise Summit in cooperation with its business partner WorldStartup is responsible for

organizing The Netherlands MWC/4YFN 2021 Program as a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP).

The Dutch government, City The Hague, Province South-Holland, Dutch 5G Hubs and leading

Dutch private organizations are all contributing to the innovative Dutch high-tech ecosystem.