Smart City World Expo Congress Barcelona

Dutch Pavilion at SCWEC2018 & Dutch Business Event Barcelona

BTG Event 30 October SS Rotterdam:

Impression BTG Event on SS Rotterdam

BTG Panneldiscussion

Personal show Joseph Oubelkas

More BTG

3th of October 2018: Strategic round tabel BTG Smart Cities at Krimpen a/d IJssel


Krimpen aan den IJssel is als eerste Nederlandse gemeente onderdeel geworden van United Smart Cities programma

Preparations BTG and United Smart Cities activities for 2019


Boomveer introduces Urban Jungle


Boomveer presents their innovating product to create an “Urban Jungle” on rooftops. More trees and more Sustainability in the City

May 2018: Dutch Innovation Mission New York


Rotterdam: Ahmed Aboutaleb, is leader of the Dutch delegation in New York. Here are some remarks of his view on smart cities

First Certified Flying Car Pal-V

Samilla Sanitation Hubs - wast Water into drinkin Water


Peter Scheer explains his compact circular solution “from waste to taste” for water treatment

4th of October 2018: Sustainder at Innovation Expo Rotterdam


Smart lighting systems for a more sustainable society. Easy installation,  simpler, reduce maintenance costs and extend service life

4th of October 2018: Innovation Expo at Submarine


Small impression of the public transport to the Innovation Expo at the Submarine Hanger Rotterdam

Coen van Houwelingen about Sanitronics


A new revolving toilet system will provide a clean and dry toilet after each visit, within only 20 seconds