Past Events 2021

November 19, 2021  SDG House Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Kick-off & Update NL Program MWC Barcelona & 4YFN 2022

The hybrid NL MWC22 partner meeting will take place on Friday November 19 at 2:00 PM at the beautiful location Zonheuvel in Doorn. be there!


About this event

On Friday 19 November a MWC22 partner meeting has been done at the Zonheuvel location in Doorn The Netherlands where the Dutch participation has been presented.

November 16 - 18, 2021                 Barcelona

Smart City World Congres

Impression video of SCWC21

October 28, 2021

Smart City

TSOC at T-Mobile in Utrecht. We dive into questions like: what about the promise of Smart City? How do the networks and equipment in the outdoor area interact with people in the city? What are the expected changes in the connected smart outdoor space? For example, how can we better share infrastructure? Who is in control and who benefits from smart outdoor space solutions. We also gain insight into a number of concrete examples of what the future looks like in a smart city. Finally, a vision of the sense and nonsense of Smart City.


Three speakers take us into the wonderful world of Smart City, namely Heimen Visser (PrimeVest and fund manager of SmartCity Netherlands), Ronald Maandonks (Head of partnerships, Signify Innovation Philips Lighting) and T-Mobile.

September 27, 2021

Smart City Next "de samenleving van de toekomst"

De focus ligt op een duurzaam economisch herstel. Hoe zorg je dat je een economisch sterke, inclusieve, duurzame en toekomstbestendige gemeente wordt? Hoe kun je met behulp van slimme oplossingen een optimale en veerkrachtige leefomgeving creëren voor je burgers?


Hoofdopgaven zoals duurzame verstedelijking, de energie- en mobiliteitstransitie, klimaatadaptatie en de woningbouwopgave moeten aangepakt worden. Om dit effectief te kunnen doen is een integrale aanpak noodzakelijk waarbij digitale oplossingen in grote mate bij kunnen dragen. Zo creëren we een economisch sterke, inclusieve, duurzame en toekomstbestendige (informatie)samenleving.



 De focus ligt op de praktijk en het bieden van concrete handvatten om zelf aan de slag te gaan. We betrekken ook onze buitenlandse collega’s. Zij hebben immers in veel gevallen te maken met dezelfde uitdagingen. Tijdens virtuele werksessies is samen met hen gezocht naar oplossingen.


Op de excursiedag van 28 september zijn succesvolle praktijkvoorbeelden gegeven aan maatschappelijke opgaven in Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Delft en Den Haag.

September 16, 2021:  Football Arena Galgenwaard Utrecht

Tomorrows Smart City starts today

In this Smart City Netherlands model, municipalities retain control and direction of their task as public service provider and director within the municipality (public lighting, public order and safety, privacy), but they are given the opportunity to benefit from the income that arises as a result of the public lighting for more purposes will be used in the second step.


SMART City Netherlands is an initiative in collaboration with BNG Bank to help municipalities finance, renew and make their public lighting more sustainable and thus accelerate the transition to SMART lighting. In consultation with municipalities, we are making a plan so that the public lighting can also be used for 5G and the other Internet of Things applications.


The advantage of this construction is that the economic and legal ownership remains with the municipality and the municipality retains control over what happens in the public outdoor space within its municipality.

June 28 - Juli 1, 2021  Hybrid & Fira Barcelona

MWC & 4YFN 2021: Connected Impact

MWC Barcelona 2021 (MWC21) is the largest mobile event in the world, bringing together the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology from more than 2.000 leading companies, with a highly-rated conference program assembling today’s visionaries to explore the hottest topics influencing the industry. 


MWC21 will feature extensive learning opportunities from dozens of partner-led programmes, GSMA seminars, webinars, summits and more. Everything you need to know about the industry, today and beyond, can be found here. MWC21 serves a diverse global audience by bringing together broad technology industries to share, promote, and advance intelligent connectivity. 

The Dutch high-tech and communications sector ranks amongst the top globally and is a major force in development of new technologies and applications with implications for the communications sector. The challenge for The Netherlands is to preserve its leading position in the area of digital infrastructure, broadband communications and sectoral applications.


MWC and SDG's:  Referring to the title "Connected Impact" MWC/4YFN will not only highlights the cutting edge technologies, but also how it helps in reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) as defined by the United Nations. John Smiciklas and Olaf Müller of Smart Sustainable Cities (ITU-International Telecom Union) will express the United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities program and the importance of ITU-T standards of Internet of Things)


Juni 1, 2021


Dutch Mobility is changing radically. As a result of the energy transition, more and more vehicles are being electrified (EVs). The government has set itself the goal of having 2 million EVs on Dutch roads by 2030. This ambition translates into an important infrastructure issue. Charging these vehicles costs a lot of electricity, the current network is not designed for this.


With a hugh number of initiatives, charging points are being installed, networks are being partly adapted. However, an overarching "Delta Plan" appears to be lacking. It is also not clear who is in the lead and  bears what responsibility for this issue. Central government as client? The County as administrator? Or the municipality as contact for citizens and businesses? 

May 19, 2021

Route 2030

SDG Netherlands, Building Change, Global Compact Network Netherlands, MVO Nederland, Partos and the National Government would like to invite you to the meeting 'Route 2030: How can we accelerate to achieve the SDGs?'


The interactive meeting can be followed live online and is moderated by Harm Edens. During this meeting, two reports will be presented in the context of Accountability Day: The "Monitor Broad Prosperity and Sustainable Development Goals" by Prof. dr. Jan-Pieter Smits of Statistics Netherlands and the fifth Dutch SDG report "The Netherlands Develops Sustainably" by Sandra Pellegrom, national SDG coordinator.

April 23, 2021

Briefing Session NL MWC Barcelona & 4YFN

Europe is opening up again! The strategic ICT event MWC Barcelona / 4YFN 2021 will take place from June 28th to July 1st, 2021. GSMA has taken all required precautionary measures and MWC Barcelona has even been classified as Essential Travel for all live participants. The Netherlands will therefore be present again, in full compliance with the health and safety rules by the Catalan/Spanish government.


On Friday April 23rd we showed an overview of our plans for the NL MWC & 4YFN 2021 programme and the proposed format of the event. MWC21 will be fully hybrid offering both live activities in Barcelona and innovative online experiences. We are aligning with NBSO Barcelona to deliver a single integrated Netherlands programme for both 4YFN and MWC21.


In cooperation with Team dutch digital delta and the Topsector ICT, MWC Barcelona has formally been confirmed as strategic ICT event for The Netherlands, which will be elaborated upon during the session.

April 15, 2021

Practical lecture Data from vehicles

Platform WOW and the Smart Mobility Academy invite you on April 15 at 8.30 am to the practical lecture Data from vehicles. We will discuss the developments regarding vehicle data, both in the field of road safety and traffic management and in the field of anti-icing and asset management.


This session is part of a series of interactive practical lectures on Smart Mobility.


For whom: road authorities

Purpose: to share experiences and tips with road authorities who want to work with data from vehicles

April 15, 2021

Finance: From the Root of All Evil to Financing Development

Achieving the SDGs requires good governance, political will and… money, a lot of money. In his book Fighting Poverty and Violence (Boom Uitgevers), Professor Joris Voorhoeve explains which sources can be tapped. Visitors to the last # SDGCafé of 2020 were already given a preview of the results.


In this first part of the # SDGCafés of 2021, we will focus on how much money is needed to achieve the SDGs in their most basic form, on the failure of the political, economic and financial systems to bring that money together and judiciously and on the various possibilities to obtain sufficient resources. Illegal money flows and the role of the Netherlands and the EU, and the possible contribution of various Dutch and European actors are central to this.

February 12, 2021

Launch The Netherlands Human Development Report











The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SDG Netherlands would like to invite you to the launch of the Human Development Report 2020 and discuss its implications for the Netherlands.


For the first time in a relationship spanning 300,000 years, instead of the planet shaping humans, humans are shaping the planet. This is the Anthropocene: the age of humans. The 30th Human Development Report (HDR) ‘The Next Frontier: Human Development and the Anthropocene’ highlights that people can bring about the action we need if we are to live in balance with the planet in a fairer world. Nothing short of a great transformation – in how we live, work and cooperate – is needed to change the path we are on. The new Human Development Report explores how to jumpstart that transformation.

January 26, 2021

SDG Ambition For Young Professionals

The Young Professional Program of Global Compact Network Netherlands invites you to a digital event on January 26. This event is to help and inspire young professionals in formulating their personal SDG ambitions.


As a young professional, do you want to learn more about the SDGs and translate them into daily work and projects? Then sign up via this link. Because during this event, some seasoned sustainability experts will reflect on the role that young professionals can play within their organization. Furthermore, inspiring young professionals will share their stories about how they got involved and could make an impact. Finally, participants will get enough food for thought through three action-oriented break-out sessions.

January 19 -21, 2021

SDG's within Real Estate Futureproof