JOINSMART.CITY and Riab telematics sign cooperation agreement for Netherlands

OTT smart city rollout will be accelerated in the Netherlands through this partnership 


Amsterdam, 05.June 2018. Riab telematics announces partnership with Your Digital Innovation GmbH to rollout the OTT citizen engagement platform in the Netherlands.


Your digital Innovation, member of United Smart Cities (a program of UNECE and OiER) initially has built this platform with the attitude that “Cities can only be smart when citizen are connected”. Around this initial idea the company developed an ecosystem of value for cities based on a research in 50 cities. The central question what is a city in the digital age, how can the city position sustainable in the digital era is answered with a concrete business case.


The USP for cities is to immediately get started. 12 cases, 8 around citizen engagement (Optimisation, e-voting, City TV for B2B ad, future ideas, …), communication, couponing, youth & sports, IoT,… focus majorly on human element. 


“We believe that citizen first is the key to a successful digital city transformation. We have business models to include brands, telcos, insurance companies into this development. Most important is speed, we transform within days,” so Jürgen Gutmayer. 


Olaf Müller, General Manager Riab Telematics: “We are delighted to partner with Your Digital Innovation. The hands on and experience now approach including the human focus were essential. There is a strong energy to do something positive for the society, to build cities for the majority of the people.”